Gay Marriage Legislation | Part 1 of 2

Legislation for gay marriage in England and Wales was passed in July 2013, with Scotland following in February 2014, sadly, up to now legislation has not been passed in Northern Ireland.  Society is far more accepting than it used to be with opinion polls showing general support for same sex marriage.  Support seems to be higher from those aged between 25 and 34 and is higher amongst women.  And so finally we are being treated equally.  Or are we?

In my experience we are still singled out and labelled.  As part of my work I regularly research wedding photographers, venues and other wedding related sites.  What I have come across in these searches are the categories.  Some sites list categories such as outdoor weddings, themed weddings, spring weddings and then there it is, gay or LGBT weddings.

Do we not have outdoor or themed weddings or get married in the spring? It would seem not, we just have a gay or LGBT wedding, which of course is different from every other wedding.   Why do we have to be singled out? In reality we can have the same type of weddings as everybody else; we too can have outdoor weddings, themed weddings or anything we like.

There are some very good sites that are dedicated to our community as they have been set up by people like us as they too have come across these problems.  Sites such as Pink Wedding Days and The Gay Wedding Guide are excellent sites.

The problem seems to come from those people who are trying to be accepting or maybe, dare I say it, jumping on the bandwagon, heterosexual people who  don’t really have any understanding about us and our lifestyles.

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