Gay marriage v Civil Partnership

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It will be 3 years on the 29th March that the first gay marriages took place in England and Wales.  I am often asked what the difference is between a civil partnership and a gay marriage.  The truth is that there is not a huge difference other than a few legalities.

Possibly the most important to gay couples is the fact that we are now allowed to legally say we are married, whereas in a civil partnership you are not. Adultery can not be grounds to dissolve a civil partnership but it can in a marriage.  On a Civil Partnership certificate the names of all parents are detailed, a marriage certificate only has names of Fathers.  Civil partnership is only permitted amongst same sex couples.

With a gay or civil marriage you have the same legal rights as you would if you were to have a “conventional” religious marriage.  The ceremony itself is far from similar.  It can not be conducted by a religious body, the legal bit must be conducted by a registrar and you are not permitted to have any religious content whether you want it or not.

You can, of course, have anything you like in your ceremony if you have it lead by a Celebrant. Religious, non-religious, quirky, anything you like.

Simply do the legal bit at the local registry office first then the ceremony is yours to do as you please.

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