Ceremony Structure


As your guests arrive you may want some music playing as they take their seats and settle in, or you may want them to have another sort of entertainment or if there are any elements included in the ceremony that has their input this is the ideal opportunity for them to do this.



This is when your wedding party make their way down the aisle, if there is one, and take their places. You will then enter either together or individually or you may choose to casually take your places.


Greetings and words of welcome

When the two of you are in place I will offer some words of greeting to you and your guests and explain what will happen during your ceremony. This is where we tell the story of the two of you too.


Readings or poems

You may have chosen for readings or poems to be included and can be whatever is important to the two of you, these can be read by anybody you choose to read them and is a great way of including people who are special to you.

Individual Elements

You may want to include something that represents your unity such as a handfasting, a unity candle or a wine or chocolate ceremony, to name just a few.  This is a great way to demonstrate your love and commitment to each other in front of your guests.


Vows, promises and ring exchange

The magical moment!  The part where you read your vows or promises to each other and exchange rings if you are choosing to do this. I will then introduce you as your new chosen titles to your family and friends.


Certificate Signing

You can then sign your wedding certificate along with your witnesses while your guests take the opportunity to take photographs couple and their witnesses sign the certificate which the couple keep as a memento of the day.



You then make your way  make back down the aisle together or away from your chosen location, past your guests and taking your first steps together as you go on to celebrate with your family and friends.