Many people choose to make their joyous day even more special and memorable by adding one or more extra elements to their Wedding Ceremony.

Each element has it’s own meaning and significance to the two of you and is uniquely personalised to represent a display of your unity.

There are many different ways you can do this, all beautiful in their own way. For example, you could consider the Hand Fasting or Hand Tying Ceremony, or your own Union Jar, or Unity Sand Ceremony, perhaps the Unity Candle or maybe even a Breaking Glass Wine Ceremony?

With each of these beautiful ceremonies you may want to include members of your family, your children or parents perhaps.

In the Hand Fasting Ceremony for example you could ask them to wrap the ribbons around your hands or maybe they would like to take part in Unity Sand or Unity Candle Ceremony.

You might like to go one step further and include all your guests, where they may all give you their best wishes as your rings are passed around in a Ring Warming Ceremony.

With your own Wishing Tree your guests place their thumb prints on a tree canvas.

The ideas and possibilities are endless, click on the options or contact me for more details.

Elements – making Your Special day even More Memorable

Often couples add other elements to their Wedding day. These elements are seen as symbolic with reflection and represenation of the couples unity within their celebration often combining these elements with promises to one another. For example, many couples choose from elements such as;

Wedding Vows, Promises and Exchange of Rings

For those who wish to exchange rings the pinacle of the Ceremony is when your Wedding Vows, Promises and rings are exchanged.  This magical part of the ceremony is concluded as the Wedding Celebrant then says more meaningful words as she proudly presents the newly married couple to their family and friends.

Certificate Signing

Both the newly wed couple and witnesses then sign the certificate which the couple keep as a memento of the day.


As the newly weds proceed together down the aisle, passing their guests, family and friends, more celebratory music of the couples choosing is played as they take their first steps together as a married couple.

Our Wedding ceremonies are totally unique and individualised to you. Whatever elements you choose for your special day you can rest assured that everything will proceed to plan. To achieve this, the three of us together will discuss and agree every single aspect of your Wedding ceremony, and between us we will make sure that we create wonderful memories of the day that you will cherish and remember for the rest of your lives.