Oathing Stone Ceremony

The Oathing Stone

The Oathing Stone is a very old Celtic tradition where the couple place their hands upon a stone while saying their wedding vows to one another.  Referred to as the Oathing Stone it was thought to be the best way to express solemn promises to each other in a physical form as wedding rings were not available back then.  During the reading of the wedding vows, an Oathing Stone was held in the hands of the couple. It is believed that holding the stone during the reading of their wedding vows would make them permanent as if they were symbolically cast them in stone.

The Oathing Stone – Modern Version

In today’s interpretation of the Oathing Stone ceremony the Stone can be decorated in any way  you wish.  This is a particular favourite of many couples as it is an absolutely fantastic way of involving family and friends in your ceremony.  The Oathing Stone Ceremony is always a memorable occasion and often quite moving too.  There are several options a couple may choose for their Oathing Stone Ceremony. When the ceremony takes place is a matter of choice but more often than not the Oathing Stone Ceremony takes place prior to their vows. The ceremony entails the Oathing Stone being passed amongst their guests who will each hold it in their hands and make a wish for you both or bless the stone.  The stone is then returned so that is held in your hands whilst you say your vows to one another.

Oathing Stone Variations

An alternative is for a bowl filled with mini Oathing Stones to be placed in a position at your venue along with a notice explaining to your guests that as they enter they are to take a stone and hold onto it during the ceremony.  Whilst holding this stone they can then pass their hopes and good wishes and positive thoughts for you both through the stone they are holding.  At the end of the ceremony the stones are put into another bowl or vase where your oathing stone will be added after the ceremony.

The Choice is Yours

Some couples choose to ask their guests to write them a message or a wish on the stone that they have held onto during the ceremony.  If you don’t want to place a bowl of stones you may want to place a stone on each chair for your guests to pick up before they take their seats. The choice is yours as to which version you prefer.  After your ceremony you have a keepsake of your day and a reminder of all those people who made it special for you.