Ring Warming Ceremony

Warming the Rings

The ring warming ceremony is said to have it’s origins from old Irish wedding traditions which is still used today in more modern ceremonies.
This is a fantastic alternative to the Unity Sand or Unity Candle ceremony. With the Ring Warming Ceremony, everyone can become involved – a great way to include all of your family and friends and make them feel part of your Gay Wedding day.

The Ring Warming Ceremony – How it Works

A simple ring warming works perfectly.  Towards the beginning of your ceremony, the Gay Wedding Celebrant will announce to your guests that your rings will be passed amongst them.  Your Celebrant will then invite each guest to hold the rings in their hands whilst they make a silent wish or blessing for your marriage before passing them along to the next guest for “warming”. If you have a particularly large number of guests some couples choose to have the rings at the entrance of their chosen location with a message asking guests to bless or wish on your rings before they enter.

Ring Warming Ceremony – Timing

Your Gay Wedding Ceremony itself is continuing whilst the rings are being “warmed” by your family and friends. Perfect timing is essential to ensure that the rings are passed around for “warming” until it is time for you and your partner to present each other with the rings.  In many cases a friend or member of your family is entrusted with the role of keeping their eye on the progress of the ring “warming” process and charged with the job of returning the rings to the Gay Wedding Celebrant for the actual presentation and exchange of the rings.

The Choice is Yours – it’s your Day!

With the Ring Warming Ceremony it’s your choice as to how the rings are presented when passing to your guests for “warming”. In its simplest form often some sort of ring cushion is used.  How the rings are presented is really up to you and over the years I have witnessed many ingenious presentations of the rings. One couple I remember chose to place their rings in a tiny birds nest while others have chosen to give something back to their guests by presenting the rings fixed to a pot of sweets, whereby the guest takes a sweet and makes their wish.  How you decide to present the rings is entirely your choice – it’s your special day after all! Whatever you decide, your Gay Wedding Celebrant will work with closely with you to help you come up with the perfect option for you.