Questions and answers

Why would I not have the have registrar deliver my ceremony?

While the registrar carries out the legal part of your marriage you are very limited in what you can include and indeed where you can hold your ceremony, the venue must be licensed. A Celebrant creates a ceremony unique to you and no two ceremonies are the same, just as no two couples are the same.


If I have a Celebrant led Ceremony will I be legally married?

No, the legal bit has to be done in a registry office; it takes around  10 minutes and it can be the two of you plus two witnesses.  Many couples choose to do this on the morning of their wedding ceremony and dress fairly casually, they save the dressing up for the ceremony later.


Am I able to include some religious elements in my ceremony?

It is your day, so you can have whatever you want in your ceremony.  Unlike a registrar we will include whatever you wish for.  It is all about what you believe in.  If you wish to include some religion that is fine, if you don’t, not a problem


This will be my second marriage and I have children from my first marriage, does that matter?

Absolutely not, and if you want to we can include your children in your ceremony and make them play an active role in it if you wish to do so.


Am I limited as to where I can hold my wedding ceremony?

Not at all, there are no restrictions, so you can have it pretty much wherever you like.  In woodland, on a beach, in your garden, a meadow or somewhere that has special meaning to you. Anywhere that is permissible. You can also book a venue that hires out rooms for social events or gives you permission to do so. Remember, it does not need to be licensed.

Will I need to have a registrar at the ceremony?

No, as this is not a legal ceremony. The ‘legal bit’ will have taken place at the registry office prior to your ceremony.


I don’t want a quick ceremony that is all over in about 10 minutes, I would like it to last around 40 – 45 minutes, is this possible?

There are no time limits really, we certainly couldn’t make it a great ceremony for you in just 10 minutes.  This day has been months  in the making and we will make sure it meets all your expectations.


I understand some people are including traditional and special elements in their ceremonies, such as handfasting and jumping the broom, I might like to do something like this. How can I find out more about them?

These additions are becoming more and more popular and there are some lovely options available. Before our initial meeting you will receive details of what choices you have available to you, we will then go into more detail at our meeting.


What’s wrong with a registry office or church wedding? Why do I need a unique ceremony?

Church and registry office services are not personal at all, the words are used over and over again. The two of you are unique as a couple and so your ceremony should be unique to you. You deserve to have something special, the ceremony is the heart of the day.


How much will it cost to have a Celebrant officiate my wedding?

The cost will vary depending on where you live.  The basic cost for my services is £550 and increases depending on how elaborate you want your day to be.