Same Sex Vow Renewal

It’s been some years now since same sex marriages became formalsied and the passing of time has heralded great demand for Gay Wdding Celebrants to perform Gay and Lesbian Wedding vow renewal ceremonies.

The Gay or Lesbian Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony can mark the celebration of a special anniversary, or to publicly reaffirm your wedding vows before your family and friends or as an alternative to a themed ceremony as a follow-on from your original wedding. Sometimes couples choose to marry overseas when sometimes only a few family or friends were able to attend the original ceremony due to the sheer distance away. The Gay or Lesbian Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony is often used in cases like this where everybody not only share and witness your vows and promises you’ve made to one another but can be part of the celebrations.

Your same-sex Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony may be held at a venue in a location of your choice – perhaps at home or some other special and memorable place. Whatever location you choose your Gay Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremony will be tailored to your personal wishes so that the ceremony will be unique to you.

Gay or Lesbian Wedding Vow renewal  ceremonies are the perfect opportunity for a same sex married couple to reflect on how they feel about each other, particularly pertinent if it was some time ago since you made your vows to one another.

When your Lersbian or Gay Wedding vows have been reaffirmed many couples elect to exchange rings once again and often this is accompanied by the traditional Ring Warming ceremony so that all your family, friends and guests can actually feel part of the ceremony.

Many couples like to include their children and closest friends and family to become part of the celebrations by performing readings or poems or taking part in a Handfasting Ceremony or the delightful Oathing Stone or Unity Sand Ceremony or a select from a wide choice alternative and memoable Ceremony add-ons.

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